Sex Texting Awareness

Parents, how can you be aware that your pre-teen/teenager is Sexting?

Look for these phrases:  1. IWS (“I want sex”)

                                                2. GYPO (“Get Your Pants off”)

                                                3. GNOC (“Get Naked on Camera”)

                                                4. CU46 (“See you for sex”)

You will love this article


Remember!  Parents talk your teenagers about why they should be sexually abstinent in guarding their temple. Having sex before marriage is harmful to teens physically and emotionally. Parents your teens can make the same decision you did or a different decision if you did not live the life of staying abstinent. 

Parents and Young adults this article talks about current issues on Comprehensive Sex Education.


Comprehensive Sex Education is a pro-condom based curriculum that not only talks about puberty, but also about sexual orientation/identities. Sexual orientation teaches about Homosexuality, Transgender, LGBTQ, etc.  This curriculum is being pushed in many public schools around the U.S. without much parental involvement for older elementary through high school.  Comprehensive Sex Education is everywhere even in a Catholic School in Nashville, Tennessee.  One family had their son attending this Catholic High school. The parents found out Comprehensive Sex Ed. is being taught and is mandated did not want their son to participate in the curriculum. When the parents brought the issue before the principal they were kicked out of the school.  This is sad and nobody should be forced to hear Comprehensive Sex Education! My parents were able to opt me out of Comprehensive Sex Education out of my private school. I am outraged that the leftist Democrats are getting families everywhere.  The Obama and Clinton administrations both pushed for this curriculum. If sex education needs to be taught in schools it should be pro-abstinence and show graphic images about STDs and why condoms do not work period! 

For Parents, young adults, and teachers, you will love this article on the CDC study done last year of virgins vs. non-virgins on safe and healthy decisions

Virgin Teens vs. Non-virgin Teens

143% of virgins almost always wear a seatbelt

Non-Virgins are 94% more likely to ride with a drinking driver

Non-Virgins are 337% more likely to participate in binge drinking

Non-Virgins are 336% more likely to smoke marijuana

Non-Virgins are 500% more likely to inject illegal drugs

Non-Virgins are 48% more likely to feel sad or hopeless

Non-Virgins 282% more likely to use tanning beds

Non virgins are 24% less likely to eat breakfast and 21% do not get eight hours of sleep.

Non Virgins are more likely by 133 percent to participate in physical fighting.



Shakira, a young Muslim woman is helping and encouraging young women to be sexually abstinent. Shakira got pregnant at age eighteen and disappointed her family but despite her able to complete her nursing degree. With this experience she decided being abstinent will not only be beneficial for her son in the future but also that she would help other young girls to be sexually abstinent. Shakira leads abstinence workshops at Mosques in New Jersey where she lives. She also helps her peers in college while studying for her doctorate degree. She believes that all youth need to learn the emotional and spiritual benefits of sexual abstinence. Emotionally youth practicing sexual abstinence have higher self-esteem compared to sexually-active youth. The spiritual benefit of saving sex until marriage is that you are guarding your temple where God dwells.


According to a new survey commissioned by the Americans Speak Out organization, interviewed people of all racial backgrounds across the United States do not like the current Sex Education Policy. The current Sex Education Policy encourages and normalizes teen sex. Sex education is also being taught to children as young as ten years old. President Obama’s administration also funds this Sex Education Policy and he also has cut Abstinence Education funding. Sixty percent of teens, according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) are not sexually active and are staying abstinent. The people who participated in the survey said teens should be encouraged to wait for sex just as many teens are educated about the effects of smoking and underaged drinking.  Teens should be informed that condoms offered limited protection from pregnancy and STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) and other forms of contraceptives offer none.  The Federal Sex Education Policy is harmful and presenting false information to teenagers. When the majority of teens in U.S. are staying abstinent should sex education be encouraging abstinence? Yes. The Trump administration need to be aware and changes need to occur in the current Sex Education Policy.