Young Adults, Parents and people who care about abstinence, if you want to know how much STD Testing cost Worldwide read this article:


STD testing cost worldwide $107,024 million in 2015. It is expected to grow by $190,010 million by 2022. Remember teens it is never too late to pledge a life of sexual abstinence until marriage. Then STD testing would not cost millions of dollars worldwide. 

Teens and Parents do you want to form healthy and holistic relationships? If so you will love this article.

In Routt County, Colorado CEO Melinda Clark of a health center and her staff are teaching a Sexual Risk Avoidance Program in their local schools. Routt County is located in the North Western part of Colorado. Sexual Risk Avoidance is an abstinence program that is run by the Family Research Council. They not only teach the abstinence program but also add activities that help teens and parents to build better relationships.  Dr. Clark loves teaching young people how to build healthy relationships, bodies and futures. This is awesome that Dr. Clark and her staff want to help teens to be sexually abstinent.  Not too many doctors want to help teens to be sexual abstinent. There are doctors and nurses that promote condoms and the HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) vaccine.  50 healthy teens have died from the HPV Vaccine. There are also thousands of teens who have gotten paralyzed right after having received the vaccine. Doctors, parents, and people who want teens to be sexual abstinent and build healthy futures is what should be happening and it should be encouraged!

Sources on HPV:

Young people, parents, you will love this article a former “Bachelorette” Contestant who is staying abstinent in her current dating relationship.


The “Bachelorette” is a dating game show on ABC -TV.  Becca Tilley is a former contestant on this show. She has been sexually abstinent and sticking that way in her current relationship with Robert Graham. Robert Graham is also staying abstinent. He is respecting his girlfriend, Miss Tilley’s decision. Christen Whitney the current contestant on the “Bachelorette,” is also staying sexually abstinent.  Miss Whitney is also encouraged by Miss Tilley so that they both are making the same healthy and emotionally self-esteem boosting decision for their lives.  There are three famous TV stars who have made the decision to be sexually abstinent. Young people, we need to be sexually abstinent so we can healthy marriage relationships in the future. 

Parents you will love this article about parents advocating parental involvement in sex education


In a new poll in New Zealand 78 percent of parents want parental involvement in Sex Education.  This is excellent. Most parents want their teens to be abstinent from sex until marriage. The sex education that the parents want is government to not be involved. Most parents want their teens to make healthy and emotionally self-esteem boosting decisions by being sexually abstinent. 

Special Need Students Get Abstinence Education Funding

Parents with Special needs Children or people who know people with disabilities you will love this article.


Three counties in southwest Michigan have received an abstinence grant from Sexual Risk Avoidance Program. Sexual Risk Avoidance Program is sponsored and run by the Family Research Council. The article talks about special need school where the program is being offered as part of the Curriculum. The curriculum covers puberty, reproductive health, healthy relationships, and sexually transmitted diseases. The curriculum also covers defense techniques about how to get out of violent, rape or sexual abuse situations.  The defense techniques are taught by the YWCA (Young Women Christian Association). The Association was founded in 1845 and today helps all young women around world with food and disease and health. The curriculum is presented to special needs students with mild to moderate cognitive disabilities.  The curriculum is also modified for teens with special needs.  This is great that students with special needs can receive Abstinence Sex Education curriculum in their schools in Michigan.  This will encourage all students in Montclam, Kent, and Ionia Counties in Michigan to be abstinent and make healthy decisions for life.