RQ: Relationship Intelligence Parent-Gram #

Dear Parent/Guardian, Following is a summary of Key Points from Lesson One on Friendship. Please take a few minutes (or longer!) to discuss the following four topics with your son or daughter.   

Key Points

a) Friendship is one of the most rewarding parts of life, but it needs care and investment.

b) Misunderstandings and disagreements are inevitable parts of friendship. We can overcome them with honesty, patience, forgiveness.

c) Don’t accept unhealthy domination or bullying

d) True friendship is based on goodness, on sound moral qualities of character. If a friend is involved in destructive or illegal activities, better to cut off.

Discussion Questions (Parent and child can take turns giving their own answers.)

1. What is your definition of a good friend?

2. How do you deal with misunderstandings and disagreements which happen in relationships?

3. Should you accept someone dominating or bullying you? Has that ever happened to you? If so, what did you do? What could someone do to deal with this problem?

4. The RQ lesson says “true friendship is based on goodness, on sound qualities of character.” Do you agree? Why?

Extra Credit Question: Do the “friendship assessment” on page 12-13 of friends each of you have. Compare the scores for each of your friends. Who is the best friend and why?

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Dear Parent/Guardian,

Please fill out this response slip and have your child bring it back. Thank you for helping us to encourage more discussion between you and your child on these important issues!

I, _______________________________, discussed the topics in the above parentgram with my child,

____________________________, on the following date, ____________.

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