RQ: Relationship Intelligence Parent-Gram #2 Dear Parent/Guardian,

Following is a summary of Key Points from Lesson Two on Family Relationships. Please take a few minutes (or longer!) to discuss the following topics with your son or daughter. 

Key Points

a) Our family relationships have a big impact on our lives. Like all relationships they deserve our thoughtful investment and care.

b) Relationships can be compared to a bank account. Like a bank account, you need to deposit more money than you withdraw or the account will be “overdrawn.” Similarly, we need to make more “deposits” of kindness and service than withdrawals. Discuss the examples of deposits and withdrawals given on page 16.


1. Draw your “family tree” on a piece of poster board. In addition to names and dates, consider writing down descriptive adjectives about each person, what kind of work they did, etc.

2. Create a “Relationship Bank Account” box. Make slips with two colors of paper, one representing deposits and the other representing withdrawals. Each time you make a “relationship deposit,” write down what it was on a deposit slip and put it in the box. Do the same for “relationship withdrawals.” See whether your relationship bank account is growing or shrinking after a week.

3. Work together to develop your own “family mission statement.” See discussion and example on page 20.

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Dear Parent/Guardian,

Please fill out this response slip and have your child bring it back. Thank you for helping us to encourage more discussion between you and your child on these important issues!

I, _______________________________, discussed the topics in the above parentgram with my child,

____________________________, on the following date, ____________.

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