The Author of this article traveled around the country of Uganda to schools that were teaching abstinence education as the main part of the schools sex education curriculum. Through his experience he learned that, if younger children asked about sex their question should be answered by their parents, according to what was appropriate to their age.  If I was parent of five year old I would say sex is what happens when a man and a woman love each other in order to have babies. Men and Women should of course wait to have sex until marriage.   Not all cartoons, music, picture books, or another form of media are good for children. Some cartoons and other forms of media encourage sex.  In these schools that the author went to their abstinence education curriculum starts at 11 years old. The abstinence education also continues into high school. One of the girls at these schools in Uganda asked the author “Is it true if you wash your vagina with Mirinda Fruity or Coca-Cola you don’t get pregnant?”  Mirinda Fruity is a fruit soda. The author said “no and you can get pregnant if you have sex.  Condoms fail to prevent pregnancy twenty-three percent of the time between teen couples. Parents should encourage their pre-teen/teenager to be abstinent from sex until marriage. Remember even if you didn’t it doesn’t mean your teenager cannot stay abstinent from sex until marriage.


National Abstinence Association