1. Vaccination is a medical intervention. United States law considers vaccines to be “unavoidably unsafe”.1  All medical interventions must  be freely chosen.  See the Part 1 video: Vaccines are Unavoidably Unsafe.
  2. The vaccine industry is fraught with conflicts of interest. See the Part 2 video:  The Vaccine Industry is Fraught with Conflicts of Interest.
  3. All vaccines are not created equal. West Virginia mandates one vaccine for a non-communicable diseases (Tetanus), one vaccine is for a disease related to poor sanitation and drug use (Hepatitus A)  and two vaccines for diseases not communicable in the traditional sense, but rather by sexual activity or IV drug use (Hepatitus B) or by mucus spread by kissing or very close prolonged contact (meningococcal).  Yet we are told that all vaccines are (equally) required.  Why?  Whose best interest does this serve? For example, the DTaP vaccine has the highest numbers for serious adverse reactions causing hospitalization 20,220 reported cases, translating to 202,000 to 2,000,000 actual serious cases, due to under reporting. The number of reported deaths is 2979, translating to 29,790 to 297,900 actual deaths.  Yet, before the vaccine, there were only two diphtheria deaths nationwide per year.  Why does West Virginia require this harmful vaccine?