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HHS Report Shows Lack of Effectiveness by for Comprenhensive "Sex Ed
Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton on Abortion, Same Sex Marriage, Abstinence Eduation & Religious Freedom

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HHS Report Shows Lack of Effectiveness for “Comprehensive” Sex Ed. by Christine Eckley

  Five years and more than a half billion dollars later, it appears that what were promised as effective models for sex education curricula simply are not.  In a blow to the heavily-funded federal Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program (TPP), new research shows dismal results for youth served in the program. Begun in 2010, the TPP program was called “evidence-based” by the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and communities were guaranteed positive results if they implemented one of the curricula on the HHS-approved list, as shown by this quote found on the HHS website: “Evidence-based programs can be expected to produce positive results consistently.“
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  Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton on Abortion, Same Sex Marriage, Abstinence Education & Religious Freedom

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 The National Election is coming  up and candidates are Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton. Let's review the moral issues. Donald Trump is against Abortion, Same Sex Marriage, Defunding Planned Parenthood and keeping God in public square. Hillary  Clinton is for  Abortion, Partial Birth Abortion, Same Sex Marriage, the continuation of funding Planned Parenthood.

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