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NEWS RELEASE Contact: Heather Malloy

February 27, 2007 202-347-6464 ext 306

“Value your life” is one of the messages that will be echoed as

organizations join together for Abstinence Awareness week”.

Washington, DC- In a society that routinely promotes sexual themes to young children, a

group of organizations has decided to focus on a different option. Ultra Teen Choice, a grant

recipient of the Together is Better campaign and, the DC Metropolitan Healthy Marriage &

Relationships Coalition (DCHMRC) a TIB partner have joined forces with several organizations

to promote “Abstinence Awareness Week” Washington, DC. from March 10-March 17, 2007.

This group consists of DCHMRC member organizations and other power organizations in the

community including: Concerned Black Men-National Organization, East of the River Clergy

Police Community Partnership, Pilgrim Baptist Church and East Capitol Center for Change.

These organizations are taking an active lead in their efforts to provide teens and young adults

with positive alternative options to prevent HIV by communicating the importance of abstinence

from sex before marriage.

The purpose of Abstinence Awareness Week is to increase awareness that abstinence

from sex outside of marriage is a desirable choice for individuals to make, and to provide a forum

for those who have made that decision to be heard.

Abstinence Awareness Week is designed to support and encourage youth who have made

abstinence from pre-marital sexual activity their standard. These youth are excellent role models

that will serve as youth ambassadors for Abstinence Awareness.

Fifty two percent of Washington D.C. high school students have never had sex,

according to the 2005 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System, which is a sixteen percent drop

from two years prior. Abstinence Week activities will promote and continue the expansion of this

positive trend. Through advocating for programs that support and provide character based,

directive instruction and support to enable youth to remain abstinent from sex before marriage

and from drugs, alcohol and tobacco our youth can embrace healthy behaviors and lifestyles.

Ultra Teen Choice offers teens and young adults an alternative to having sexual relations before marriage. By explaining the pros of

abstaining from sexual activity, and by explaining the risks of engaging in sexual relationships, and by providing college mentors plus

peer counselors, Ultra Teen Choice is hopeful that their intended message will resound in each of the youngster’s lives.

Together is Better (TIB) is a citywide campaign that promotes healthy relationships and marriages. TIB partner, the DC

Metropolitan Healthy Marriage & Relationships Coalition (DCHMRC) is made up of service providers that offer an array of


relationship and marriage education training and supportive services to youth and families in the District of Columbia.