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What is God’s Plan For Sex?

Urban Life Training Summer Seminar Report

By Sarah Urban

            On July 15th, 2017 an Urban Life Training Seminar was held on What is God’s Plan For Sex? The program of the seminar includes teachings from the Exposition of the Divine Principle written by Reverend Sun Myung Moon, reading and discussion of the speech: The Family in Absolute Sexual Ethics, Which is the Model for God’s Absoluteness, Peace, Ideal and the Global Kingdom by Rev. Moon and PowerPoint presentation on Spiritual Growth.  The Urban Life Training seminar also featured Pastor Hyung Jin Moon’s sermon on Absolutely Good Sex.  From the Exposition of the Divine Principle the lectures included the Fall of the Man, Principle of Creation and the Mission of Jesus.

What is God’s Plan For Sex for before and after marriage? It is purity before and fidelity in marriage. The meaning of Absolute Sex is sexual purity before marriage, fidelity in marriage and the intimacy of husband and wife under God.  The Fall of Man explains when Adam and Eve fell they had an illicit sexual relationship. The Mission of Jesus explains that Jesus came to build an ideal Kingdom with God’s blessing of marriage.


Rev. Sun Myung Moon has brought these teachings to the world. I was very happy to teach and lecture the Divine Principle and I want to continue to spread God’s blessing and his word from Jesus, and Rev. Sun Myung Moon. I also want to and continue to learn from his son Pastor Hyung Jin Moon and his wife Yeon-Ah Moon who are carrying out his teachings here on earth today. 

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