Is sexual abstinence a viable choice in today dating or courtship scene



God specifies only one partner for life, and not sex outside of marriage

Two parent family is best for children-safest place

No worry about unwanted or outside of marriage pregnancy or disease

Best sex is among married couples

60% of US teens have never had sex


Then why does sexual abstinence receive such a bad rap?

Takes discipline

Is at variance with promotion of free sex in media

Is at variance with culture of abortion

Is at variance with culture of homosexuality, where men have hundreds of sex partners in a year

Is at variance with trying to make it legal to have sex with minors



What do you think?

Uber's founder, Travis Kalanick resigned on Tuesday over a culture of covering up sexual impropireity and harrassment at the ride sharing service's offices.  According to a post at Inc magazine, Uber's management team was guilty of:

  • explicit sexual harassment;
  • gender discrimination;
  • intentional deception;
  • career sabotage; and
  • illegal threats of termination of employment.

Kalanick's resignation was caused by one blog post by former Uber engineer Susan Fowler in her personal blog.

You too can make a huge difference by learning and teaching about the value o sexual abstinence before marriage.

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