Do you or the youth in your life want to remain abstinent until marriage?  You’re not alone. Evangelicals are holding Purity Balls where teen-age girls pledge to wait until marriage to have sex, according to an online article in The Sun, a News UK company, at They do this in a ceremony where fathers and daughters dress up and dance. While they are having fun and bonding the fathers and daughters agree to the abstinence pledge and the daughters receive a purity ring which will be given to the daughters’ future husband.

A teen who attended a Purity Ball in Louisiana told Barcroft TV: “The Bible says that sex before marriage is a sin and I believe that.” According to the article, the Purity Movement, which has spread across 48 states, preaches that sex before marriage is a sin and tells stories about sexually transmitted diseases and the consequences of premarital pregnancy.

Urban Life Training created an abstinence-centered curriculum, available at its website You can check it out there and help other teens by subscribing and using its materials.

The curriculum includes the complete STAR (Students Teaching Abstinence and Responsibility) Leadership Training program.  Within STAR Leadership Training you will find Relationship Intelligence training, Peer Counseling, a New View of Fall, Video Clips for Discussion, Urban Life Videos, Other Videos for Discussion, Other Resources, Readings, The Divine Principle Diagramed Two House Lecture Manual, Spiritual Growth Principles, Pastor Hyung Jin Moon on Absolutely Good Sex, and Conclusion.

For example, an activity from Star Interfaith Leadership Training includes an activity about what consequences a teen faces after alcohol is consumed.  Attendees then discuss the consequences of teen-age drinking.  A slide presentation about guarding your future is given. The slide show talks about how one can achieve legitimate success though honesty. It also explains how you can create happiness in your life that will last. The presentation shows how to experience true freedom as opposed to freedom that can lead to being a slave to a bad habit or addiction.  Those who are clear about their future life goals tend to be happier and more successful. So a time is provided to the attendees to write down and discuss their life goals The attendees are asked to look at how to practically accomplish those goals.  Students discuss at what stage of life the majority of their major decisions will take place.  Research suggests it is in the teen and young adult years of life, according to the slide presentation. The slide show warns of dream robbers including AIDS, drinking and other STDs.

If you want more information about this curriculum go to or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and 202-544-5081.  


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