What is behind the current crisis in our country? Why is Christianity disintegrating? What can be done?

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What is the proper relationship between religion and politics? Are we living in the era after the coming of heaven? What is the foundation for a peaceful and ethical society and world? Read Peace Message 10: https://www.visionroot.org/resources/rev-sun-myung-moon/the-family-rooted-in-absolute-sexual-ethics/.

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Learn about the World Peace King Bridge-Tunnel that will link the Russian and North American land masses. The new heaven and new earth has already arrived. What is the basis of this Kingdom, and how can we live in it?

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Learn about cross cultural, international and interracial marriage, the Marriage Blessing and seeking first the Kingdom and His righteousness. https://www.visionroot.org/resources/rev-sun-myung-moon/the-family-rooted-in-absolute-sexual-ethics/

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What is the Kingdom of Heaven like? Why is the God-centered family the root of the Kingdom of Heaven. Is there marriage in Heaven? Join us for this important Discussion

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