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STAR Leadership Training Session List


Week 1 Sermonette by Rev. Hyung Jin Moon on the cultural battle between good and evil and the importance of natural marriage.

Week 2 Sermonette by Rev. Hyung Jin Moon on the crisis of abortion and Planned Parenthood and the fallacy of gay marriage.

Week 1 & Week 2: Protecting Your Future PowerPoint presentation & activities:  Focuses on achieving legitimate success and happiness.  The decision making process of young people is explored, and participants are asked to write their key life goals.  The effects of alcohol and drug use, pornography, injuring oneself and bullying are discussed.  Facts about HIV/AIDS, STDs, and sexual activity are discussed.  A brief discussion of condom use points out that while consistent use can reduce transmission of some diseases such as AIDS, it does not eliminate risk for infection and does not protect at all from certain diseases.  A refusal skills role play is included.


Week 3 Sermonette by Rev. Hyung Jin Moon on the crisis of moral breakdown in America and the physical and spiritual risks of the homosexual lifestyle.

Week 4 Sermonette by Rev. Hyung Jin Moon on spiritual growth.s

Week 3 & Week 4:  Maturing Your Love  PowerPoint presentation & activities:  Explores what defines manhood and what the qualities of lasting love are.  Discusses the other risks related to teen sexual activity, such as a much higher incidence of alcohol use and depression. Looks at the emotional damage of teen sex. Presents five star sexuality:  mental, emotional, social, moral/spiritual, and physical.  Love, family, commitment and marriage are presented as positive, obtainable goals for those who make the right preparation.  Media messages regarding sex are discussed.  Abstinence and secondary virginity (returning to abstinence) are discussed.  Plus, Choosing the Path to Success videoTestimonies of College, high school and middle school youth who are committed to abstinence.


Week 5: Sermonette by Rev. Hyung Jin Moon on the importance of stable families in building a world of peace and the importance of the lineage passed on by absolutely good sex in blessed marriage.
Learning Assertive Techniques Peer Counseling & Peer Counselor
Youth learn how to avoid situations where there might be pressure to engage in sex or drug or alcohol use.  Youth learn how to say no using verbal and nonverbal methods, and they practice using these skills.  Participating youth practice using assertive techniques. 


Week 6: Scripture reading from The Family Rooted in Absolute Sexual Ethics-Part 1
 Why Wait: Classroom Peer Counseling, STAR Guide Testimonies and Youth Forum III:  Video segments followed by guided discussion.  Topics include:   Reasons to stay abstinent, the importance of how you dress, setting boundaries, the benefits of abstinence, the consequences of sex, and the eight D’s of sexual temptation.  Opportunity to sign the Urban Life Training Abstinence Pledge.


Week 7:  Scripture reading from The Family Rooted in Absolute Sexual Ethics-Part 2 
A New View of the Fall of Man:  PowerPoint, worksheet, and discussion about the Biblical story of Adam and Eve (the importance of sexual purity from God’s point of view).  Second Opportunity to sign the Urban Life Training abstinence pledge.


Week 8:  Scripture reading from The Family Rooted in Absolute Sexual Ethics-Part 3    Principles of a Meaningful LifePowerPoint about what the three life goals and how you can maintain a Godly lifestyle and strengthen your relationship with God.


Week 9:  Scripture reading from The Family Rooted in Absolute Sexual Ethics-Part 4   Principles of Spiritual Growth:  PowerPoint about the relationship between spirit and body and how the spirit grows based on the actions of the physical body.


 Week 10:  Celebration of Purity:

Sermonette by Pastor Hyung Jin Moon about the importance of sexual abstinence before marriage and fidelity within marriage and teaching that to our children.

Parents and youth bring refreshments.  Youth are invited to recite the Urban Life Training Pledge in front of God and their Parents.  A ginger ale toast is made to celebrate this commitment to purity.  Optionally, youth and parents can purchase a True Love Waits ring, which youth will receive from their parent during the ceremony.  Youth and parent can offer testimonies.  Songs or skits may be shared (songs or skits need to be approved ahead of time).


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